Sell in Kansas City: 7 things to prepare for

Through past client experiences, I’ve learned certain things will come up on a consistent basis. I’m excited to share that knowledge with you in hopes that you’re better prepared for when your ready to sell…

  1. Paint Colors: Bland foyers and family rooms, bold kitchens and dining rooms, bright bedrooms, and dark basements are not going to cut it. To entice Kansas City home buyers, it is important to have a consistent neutral color theme throughout your house as it will help to promote a calm aura and allow each room to flow well with one another.
  2. Get Organized: Does it ever seem that a room appears bigger with less stuff in it (or nothing at all)? That’s because it does and will do wonders for you in selling your house. From experience of working with many homebuyers, I can assure you the fewer pieces of furniture you have in each room with the least amount of things occupying it’s space will make your home appear larger and more enticing as it allows buyers the ability to envision themselves living there. Just think of your furniture serving as inspiration and providing ideas for where the future owners may put their own.
  3. It’s No Longer Your Home: This may be a guess but I’m assuming your walls are covered with family photos? No sweat; it’s only natural and expected to preserve special moments and showcase the ones we love. However, for buyers to see the house as theirs and not yours, walls will have to be bare. The exception will be strategically placed mirrors and works of art in nice frames.
  4. If You See It, They See It: Those holes, cracks, and gouges in the walls that were once hidden away by the placement of furniture will one day come to light. Do yourself a favor and avoid complaints later on or even worse turning off potential buyers by getting those minor issues fixed. Trust me, it will save you headaches in the long run.
  5. Give As You Would Receive: After living in a home for years, it’s understandable that some things may not look as they once did. Heck, they may even be a pain to clean. However, taking the time to clean your home and replace little things (like door handles & drawer pulls) that you know are needed for the next owner(s) is not only morally good but also shows how much you cared for the home and the hopes of its new owners to do the same.
  6. Things Take Longer Than Planned: So you have given yourself a week to get your house in order to sell? Good Luck! Unless you’ve got the manpower of a football team, it’s going to require at least 2-3 weeks to get tasks complete as things come up and life happens. Allow yourself enough time to prepare at a comfortable pace so you don’t have to rush and possibly forget or forgo repairing something important.
  7. Your Home Won’t Stay Clean: It’s possible that you’ll fix your home up nicer than what it looked when you first bought it. No worries, as you will reap the fruits of your labor. Unfortunately, not without going through trying times of uncleanliness. People coming in and out everyday: walking, touching, & testing to see if your home is the right fit. As long as your prepared to do some light sanitizing and dust-work you’ll survive.

By preparing for these seven things that will likely come up, you can be better prepared to sell your home in the Kansas City real estate market. Interested in knowing how to increase your home’s value and decrease the days on market? Download my Free E-book.

Anthony West

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