City Guide Series: Brookside KC!

We are back with another City Guide Series contributed by the amazing Lexi Carr, and today we are highlight the one and only: Brookside KC! The simplest way for me to describe this neat area of the metro: Vibrant, Urban, and Fun Loving! Some of the best food in town resides right here; and in case you were wondering, the walkability is second to none for a more Sub-Urban living community: quaint shops, local businesses, and so much development taking place. Let’s dive right in and see why Brookside KC is such a thriving neighborhood.

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If you’re looking to live in the Kansas City area, it’s hard to beat Brookside. Surrounded by a large selection of local businesses and retail options, this neighborhood is perfect for those who enjoy short commute for everyday life. 

Complete with high-quality schools and abundant employment opportunities, Brookside is the perfect place to start a new home. Need a deeper look? Check out this neighborhood guide to find out why houses in Brookside may be just what you're looking for.


Founded in 1919, Brookside was the first suburban shopping area in Kansas. Now, Brookside is home to 110,000 well-educated residents of all ages. 

Located just south of the Country Club Plaza, the neighborhood is comprised of charming houses and more than 80 local businesses. Many of these businesses are members of the Brookside Bussiness Association and work together to continuously improve the quality of the neighborhood. 


As part of Kansas City, commuting in Brookside is a breeze. Thanks to its many local businesses, many residents find walking one of the more preferable modes of transportation. 

To access the greater KC area, drivers can hop onto the Interstate 435 or Route 50 to travel through Overland Park. Even in your car, your commute time should only be 20 minutes more or less.

No car? For a base far of $1.50, you can take a Johnson County Transit bus. They have several routes that connect all around the city.

Job Opportunities

In November of 2018, the total non-farm employment for the Metropolitan Statistical Area stood at 1,115,800, which was up by 16,600 from the previous November. In fact, jobs have been on the rise in general, particularly in the government, construction, mining, and logging industry. In total, there has been an increase of  3,800 jobs in the area.

The median household income for the Downtown area is around $41,185.  The most popular jobs in the area include positions in:

  • sales

  • management

  • office and administration

  • finance


Brookside is one of the best places to start a family, thanks to the many options of private and public schools nearby. Some of the top schools include:

  • Hale Cook Elementary

  • Border Star Montessori

  • Academie Lafayette

  • Crossroads Academy

  • Catholic Day Schools

For residents looking to explore higher education, the surrounding Kansas City area has a number of high-quality universities. Some of the largest include the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the Kansas City Art Institute and the William Jewell College.

Things to Do

In addition to top-notch housing and living options, Brookside has a variety of attractions to keep residents of all ages busy. 

Kids go crazy over the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Kansas City, one of the best places in town to explore their creativity. And the SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium, home to marine mammals, sharks, and exotic fish, can show them more parts of the world than they could ever dream of.

The neighborhood is also known for the Brookside Annual Art Show. Hosted in the spring by the Brookside Business Association, the event showcases the works of local artists, unbeatable food vendors, and children's activities. The show is easily the neighborhood's crowning jewel and adds to the creative and hospitable atmosphere of the area all year long. 


If you’re thinking of making your move over to Kansas City, consider Brookside. This area is filled with great schools, shops that are close by and easy to get to, and employment on the rise. With all the things to do in the area, there's something for everyone. 

Anthony West

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