City Guide Series: Downtown Kansas City

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Hey everyone! I’m super excited about the next City Guide Series: Downtown Kansas City. Whether your from the metro or live elsewhere, when people think of KC, downtown in the heart of the urban crossroads is what comes to mind most! Once again, special thanks to Lexi Carr for contributing this awesome article to Houses of Kansas City. There’s so much vibrance & excitement brewing in this city and the affordable cost of living is icing on the cake!

Kansas City is best known for barbecue, jazz, and its warm people. It's consistently been a popular place to live, but the vast number of neighborhoods can make it difficult pin-pointing what's the best choice for you.  Of course, there's nothing quite like downtown. 

The entertainment hub of Kansas City, the downtown area is one of the most exciting and eclectic places to live in the area. Currently, in the middle of undergoing a revival, Downtown Kansas City has begun to prove itself as a great home to gastronomy, artists, development, and families.

If you're looking to move into the Kansas City area, Downtown may be the perfect choice. Whether you're a young professional, retiree, or having a growing family, there's always something to do. If you're looking to get a better picture of what life Downtown is really like, this guide will have all you'll need to know.


Kansas City has invested $7.5 billion dollars into the revitalization of Downtown, giving it a new and exciting feel as well as major growth potential. And that's attracting a lot of youth - of the approximately 23,000 people who live in the city center area, 40 percent of those are 35-years-old and younger. There's been a dedicated effort to bring in new businesses and opportunities for residents, as well as really focusing on the arts. 

Things To Do

Downtown Kansas City is burgeoning with creativity and small businesses. Foodies have started to make their mark on the central city area as well with the newest in food trends as well as amazing fusion cuisine. This is especially true with the growing ethnic diversity moving into the area. There's also just a host of places to see and explore, like the following:

  • Central Market

  • Central Library

  • Crossroads Art District

  • Crown Center

  • National WWI Museum

  • American Jazz Museum

  • Boulevard Brewing Company

  • National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame

  • Union Station


Living downtown in any city opens up a world of convenience. If you're an active person who needs to get their blood pumping, Downtown Kansas City has a massive number of high-quality fitness centers for all interests. The new YMCA downtown has a number of classes on its roster, and with CrossFit and personal training amongst the other fitness options, you'll be spoiled for choice. 

When it comes to foodies, KC has plenty of options. For those looking to eat healthily, you'll find plenty of organic markets, co-ops, and even a farmer's market downtown. But you can't only focus on health - you'll need to get your Kansas City BBQ fix in at Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque.


A lot of businesses are making their home Downtown, so there is a boom of employment opportunities in the area. In 2015, Kansas City came in at No. 2 in CNN's Top 10 Cities for Jobs list. This is indicative by the fact there are around 81,740 jobs downtown, more than in the downtowns of other cities like Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, and San Antonio.  

The median household income Downtown is $41,185, which is below the national average, but is still in-line with the lower cost of living in Kansas City as a whole. The most common jobs Downtown include work in sales, management, office and administration support, and finance.


Those looking for good schools will find a host of charter and private schools downtown. Crossroads Charter School is a tuition-free charter school with three locations in the city. The schools in the area are rated relatively high, with the preparatory academies ranking on top. University of Missouri - Kansas City is also not too far from the downtown area.

From an air of revitalization to an endless array of ways to stay occupied and live better, Downtown Kansas City is the perfect place to begin a new life. 

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