"East Village": The Final Luxury Frontier of Hallbrook Farms

Located just off "State Line Rd" with easy access to "Interstate 435", the "East Village" of Hallbrook Farms will be the final New Development of the community.

The tract of land is composed of 33 lots starting from $170,000 to $290,000 with 13 of them rumored to be under reservation. Given Hallbrook only has 1 current "villa-style" community within the neighborhood, they are gearing these homes toward "Empty-nesters" or those looking to downsize. As a result, all of the properties will be "patio-style" with roughly 2,800 - 4,000 sq ft featuring 2 & 3-car garages. In total, one can expect to pay between the upper $800,000 to a little over $1.2 million with the lot and house construction combined. 

*In my opinion, this may be a little steep given that many of the homes will indefinitely back to the busyness of "State Line Road" but the Architect "Rick Jones" of NSPJ Architects and builders: Rick Standard, Jay Holthaus, and Dave Estes are renowned in their professions and no strangers to working with adversity. I imagine they will tastefully and strategically figure a plan for creating an aesthetically pleasing sound barrier to block most of the noise.

In all, Hallbrook Farms as a whole, is a great place to live. If you are thinking about downsizing, the properties are within your budget, and you don't mind traffic noise, then the "East Village" may be worth exploring. 



Anthony West

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