Value Increases In JOCO...

NE JOCO expected to see increase in Home Values!

...A double edged sword affecting Buyers & Sellers




  • Properties expected to see the highest increase in values are $350,000 & under. 
  • NE JOCO is the Hot Spot to buy. Great for Sellers | Highly competitive for Buyers.
  • Have to know what you're looking for & ready to make a move.

There is no deny the market is highly active right now and continues to heat up during the Spring & Summer months. In a normal market, you'd expect to have 5000 - 6000 or so homes in inventory. There are currently less than 1,300 in all of Johnson County for sale and that trend will continue through 2018 and most likely until factors such as the Fed's raising rates and/or a disruption in the Economy takes place. 

So what does this mean? Well, if you're a Seller it's great news! Yes your property taxes will increase but that also means the value of your home and neighborhood will likely appreciate in value as well (depending on where you fall on the map). As much as a home is a home, it's also a huge financial investment; and one that you should heavily weigh if the option for a higher return is present. Now this may result in having to "move twice" (possibly rent for a bit) as finding a new property may not be easy, however having the chance to capitalize on your current property could provide you and your family more financial flexibility down the road.

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