final lot remains at: $369,500

.4 acres & up · Lot 27

award winning blue valley school district


Hazelwood is a radically new kind of luxury development. In a typical development, the landscape is swept away, replaced by rows of houses. The topography, trees, and creeks that made the area inviting are dominated by an inflexible grid of streets and utilities. Hazelwood could have become such a development where nature is subordinated to the will of convenience in design. Instead, Hazelwood springs naturally from a new division. 

The Hazelwood Look-Book

A visually stunning short-read to take on the go. Explore more details about Hazelwood and what the community has to offer. Available for download on the iTunes Book store and PDF. Experience the full Look-Book enhanced with stunning visuals and exclusive video footage only available on the iTunes iBooks edition.






Nature complements architecture

Hazelwood is a neighborhood where landscape is the foundation of design. Topography, trees, and creeks are still intact and still inviting and nature is complemented by architecture.







City Living in scenic harmony

Our goal of creating a neighborhood in harmony with nature, rather than in control of nature has resulted in a community that offers the ultimate in luxury living; spacious lots, peaceful views, and elegance ~ in harmony with nature.

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The Hazelwood concept is being offered on thirty acres of land which has been in the Moffitt family for years.  It would have yielded seventy-two standard lots. But given the goal of Hazelwood, the community offers just forty sites. These sites are nestled into the terrain, along only one side of the street, to eliminate needless clearing and to preserve inspiring views.

The lots are large to retain trees and topography. Privacy is achieved through landscaping, rather than fencing and walls. The streets are narrow and winding for slower speeds and greater safety. Utilities and storm water management are designed to preserve landmark trees and blend with the surroundings.

Lot 23: 21,143 sq ft. | Lot 27: 19,752 sq ft.

It was not easy to achieve this balance but we feel it is worth the effort. You have the opportunity to become part of this community where natural beauty is the focus. Hazelwood is the one community where you can live at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

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